Data Science

  • Databench: Interactive data analysis and visualization tool.
  • RooStats: Statistics tools used at CERN to which I contributed core classes.
  • MorphDemo: Demo of a new horizontal morphing algorithm.


  • Decouple: Tool to factorize theory uncertainties.
  • unicodeit: Convert latex expressions to unicode characters: \mathcal{H} → ℋ.
  • Free and real-time quizzes.
  • politicalMoneyTracker: Project for the Bicoastal Datafest 2013 at Columbia and Stanford University.


  • html5validator: Command line tool to test the validity of static HTML5 files.
  • OpenOsci: Open source and open hardware oscilloscope.
  • number4: My walking robot.
  • nmea-gpsd: The part of gpsd that reads the nmea stream.
  • Commercial device for switching video signals, processing audio and to collect data (GPS, acceleration) in Rallye cars.