• This is a project by Kyle Cranmer and me.
  • To use it: highlight some text and use the shortcut to replace latex with unicode characters
  • Examples: p̅, x̲, ẋ, ∂̸, H → γγ, ℋ, ℒ, x ∈ ℝ, y ∈ ℂ, β, γ, ∑, →, ←, μ⁺, e⁻
  • Tested with Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard 10.6.4 in Keynote, Safari, Mail, Pages, TextEdit, Sublime Text; also tested on facebook.com, gmail.com, MediaWiki, TWiki using Safari

Online Version: www.unicodeit.net for any platform

For the new Keynote on Mavericks, text replacements currently do not work. Here is a special version that stores the output on the Clipboard: unicodeit062clipboard.zip
Install this in parallel to the standard UnicodeIt and assign a different keyboard shortcut to it; for example cmd+ctrl+shift+i.


It's Free

The program is free and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. If you feel like buying us beer or coffee, please do:


Installation on Mac OS Lion

  • Download the workflow and open it
  • Select File > Duplicate
  • Save the duplicated workflow, e.g. as "UnicodeIt Copy"
  • Setup keyboard shortcut under System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services > Text > UnicodeIt Copy by clicking into the empty space behind it (e.g. Command+Option+Shift U)
  • There is a delay first time you use the shortcut



  • New in 0.6:
    • improved sub- and superscripts
    • some new symbols including: square root √, cube root ∛, fourth root ∜
  • New in 0.5:
    • added combining marks: for example \bar{p} , \underline{x} , \dot{x} , \slash{\partial} ∂̸
  • New in 0.4:
    • \rightarrow now has the alias \to
    • added mathbb and mathcal symbols including the symbols used for Hamiltonian and Lagrangian densities ℋ, ℒ and for real and complex numbers ℝ, ℂ (for all symbols see the UnicodeItSymbols.pdf file)