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AncientML is a series of paper reading notes. The purpose is to review outstanding contributions to machine learning that are valuable to the formation as an academic field.

A Proposal for the Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence, August 31, 1955 (McCarthy et al., 2006), PDF

  • The paper/event that gets credited with the foundation of the field of Artificial Intelligence research.
  • The paper is three pages long and the authors include Claude Shannon.
  • scale of the proposed project: 2 months, 10 men
  • focused on language, abstraction and concepts
  • identifies seven areas to improve: Automatic Computers, How Can a Computer be Programmed to Use a Language, Neuron Nets, Theory of the Size of a Calculation, Self-Improvement, Abstractions, Randomness and Creativity
  • "the major obstacle is not lack of machine capacity, but our inability to write programs"
  • There is Wikipedia article on the Dartmouth workshop.
  • 102 pages of Ray Solomonoff's hand written notes including some doodles on page 3.

The Mathematical Theory of Communication (Shannon et al., 1951), PDF

  • Central paper for many fields. 90 pages (skip the part by Weaver).
  • The Idea Factory (Gertner, 2012) is a book about Bell Labs around that time.
  • Khinchin (1957) is a book that discusses this paper.
  • p.49: information is not attached to a particular message but to the amount of freedom of choice
  • p.49: "decomposition of choice" is a beautiful requirement for \(H\), and leads with the other two requirements to a unique form for \(H\)
  • p.50: simple example to visualize the connection between probability of a message and information is shown in the figure below
  • p.53: origin for terms of the form \(p_i\log{}p_i\)
  • p.56: relative entropy, maximum possible compression, redundancy
  • p.70: capacity of a noisy channel; includes a max() over all possible information sources


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